Scarlet Orchard

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The Scarlet Orchard



A beautiful yet dangerous land that is colored a strange shade of crimson. It's called the Herb Garden of the Kingdom due to its abundance of herbs, berries, and roots.


Royal Archaeologists
Every viceroy embarking on an expedition to the Scarlet Orchard is assigned a royal archaeologist. You gain access to a new essential building.
Buried Mysteries
A lush and exotic land, filled with prehistoric remains. Ancient excavation sites can be found here.


The Royal has an Average amount of FertileSoil.png Fertile Soil and contains the following Resources:


All trees can be harvested by Woodcutters' Camp Woodcutters' Camp buildings to give Wood Wood. They may also grant additional resources depending on the biome. These trees have 2 charges each.

Trees Charges Bonus Resources Description
Coppervein Tree.png
Coppervein Trees
2 Wood Wood 60% +
Copper Ore Copper Ore 10% +
Pigment Pigment 5% +
Plant Fiber Plant Fiber 5%
A scarlet tree covered in enormous thorns.

Natural Resources

Primary Resources Charges → Resource Deposits Bonus Resources Gathering Building Speed
per Unit
Grain Grain

Roots Roots
70 → DebugNode SwampWheatBig icon.png Swamp Wheat Field

70 → DebugNode RootsBig icon.png Roots Node
PlantFiber.png 100% + PlantFiber.png 20%

Herbs.png 30% + Resin.png 30%
Foragers' Camp Foragers' Camp ★★ 00:17 Farming Specialization Farming

Humans Humans
12 → DebugNode SwampWheatSmall icon.png Swamp Wheat Field

15 → DebugNode RootsSmall icon.png Roots Deposit
PlantFiber.png 20%

Herbs.png 20%
Small Foragers' Camp Small Foragers' Camp 00:25
Reed Reed
60 → DebugNode ReedBig icon.png Reed Field

20 → DebugNode ReedSmall icon.png Reed Field
Roots.png 40% + Icon Resource Clay.png 40%

Roots.png 20% + Clay.png 20%
Harvesters' Camp Harvesters' Camp ★★ 00:05 none
Herbs Herbs

Berries Berries
70 → DebugNode HerbsBig icon.png Herb Node

70 → DebugNode DewberryBushBig icon.png Dewberry Bush
Icon Resource Berries.png 40% + PlantFiber.png 20%

Icon Resource Berries.png 80%
Herbalists' Camp Herbalists' Camp ★★ 00:17 Alchemy Specialization Alchemy

Harpies Harpies
15 → DebugNode HerbsSmall icon.png Herb Node

15 → DebugNode DewberryBushSmall icon.png Dewberry Bush
Icon Resource Berries.png 20%

Icon Resource Berries.png 20%
Small Herbalists' Camp Small Herbalists' Camp 00:25
Sea Marrow Sea Marrow

Stone Stone
60 → DebugNode SeaMarrowBig icon.png Sea Marrow Deposit

60 → DebugNode StoneBig icon.png Stone Deposit
SeaMarrow.png 100% + Stone.png 50% + Icon Resource AncientTablet.png 1%

Roots.png 30% + Insects.png 30% + CopperOre.png 10%
Stonecutters' Camp Stonecutters' Camp ★★ 00:05 none
20 → DebugNode SeaMarrowSmall icon.png Sea Marrow Deposit

20 → DebugNode StoneSmall icon.png Stone Deposit
SeaMarrow.png 80% + Stone.png 40%

Roots.png 20% + Insects.png 20%
Eggs Eggs 70 → DebugNode DrizzlewingNestBig icon.png Drizzlewing Nest Meat.png 40% Trappers' Camp Trappers' Camp ★★ 00:17 Meat production Specialization Meat production

Lizards Lizards
15 → DebugNode DrizzlewingNestSmall icon.png Drizzlewing Nest Meat.png 20% Small Trappers' Camp Small Trappers' Camp 00:25
Copper Ore Copper Ore 75 → Copper Vein.png Copper Vein Clay.png 30% Mine Mine ★★ 00:40 Engineering Specialization Engineering

Beavers Beavers

Archaeologist's Office

The Archeologists Office Upgrades
The Archeologists Office

This is a unique blueprint Viceroys receive when venturing into the Scarlet Orchard. It can be upgraded in the following ways:

LEVEL I (Choose 1)
Cost: free

  • Short-range Scanner: Reveals the location of the nearest archeological discovery. Always in a Small Glade.
  • Carved in Stone: +10% Glade Event working speed for every 2 Reputation Points gained from Glade Events. (Retroactive)
  • Ancient Strength: Scouts carry +4 Items and move 7% faster for every 2 Ancient Tablet Ancient Tablets in the Warehouse.

LEVEL II (Choose 1)
10 Amber Amber/ 4 Tools Tools/ 6 Pipes Pipes +
15 Planks Planks/ 20 Scrolls Scrolls/ 20 Oil Oil/ 20 Sea Marrow Sea Marrow

  • Mid-range Scanner: Reveals the location of the second nearest archeological discovery. Always in a Dangerous Glade.
  • Forbidden Tools: Every 2 Hostility levels grant +1 to Tools Tools production.
  • Decryption: -10 Hostility Points for each Ancient Tablet Ancient Tablet in the Warehouse.

LEVEL III (Choose 1)
15 Amber Amber/ 8 Tools Tools/ 12 Pipes Pipes +
20 Planks Planks/ 25 Scrolls Scrolls/ 25 Oil Oil/ 25 Sea Marrow Sea Marrow

  • Long-range Scanner: Reveals the location of the farthest archeological discovery. Always in a Forbidden Glade.
  • Escaping the Shadows: Any villager loss will be prevented at the expense of 1 Ancient Tablet Ancient Tablet.
  • Ancient Practices: +10% chance of double yields for every worker per 2 completed Dangerous or Forbidden Glade Events. Clones do not count. (Retroactive)

Excavation Sites

Archaeological Reconstructions

There are 3 unique sites of excavation that can be dug up and restored by your villagers. Each site must be excavated, conserved and then restored. Once restored, it becomes a 9 Harmony decoration, gives 2 Reputation Points and a powerful Perk.

These digsites and their requirements can be viewed on Glade Events.


  • It is possible to narrow down the closest Excavation Site to 1-2 Small Glades. They are never found in Small Glades directly adjacent to your starting Glade, and there is always a patch of forest between the starting Glade and the Glade with the Excavation. You could also exclude 1-2 Dangerous Glades - the Dangerous Glade excavation can never be found in a Dangerous Glade directly adjacent to the starting Glade.
  • Each Excavation Site stage requires a large amount of resources to solve. It is highly advisable to build a Warehouse in close vicinity to minimize the time it takes to haul Resources to the event.
  • Excavation Sites take a long time to solve. Glade Event work speed increasing Effects can save both time and scout labor. Sacrificing Sea Marrow Sea Marrow also helps.
  • Steel Drills (+1/2 Copper Ore Copper Ore production) is uniquely strong on Scarlet Orchard because of Coppervein Trees.
  • Archaeologist's Office encourages stockpiling Ancient Tablet Ancient Tablets to scale its Ancient Strength and Decryption Effects.
  • Not being able to source raw food is somewhat common for Scarlet Orchard due to its trees and resource distribution. Invest in farms or a food processing building to avoid starvation.
  • Consider using big Stone Stone deposits for food if your villagers are at risk of starvation. 60% chance of bonus food yields combined with Stonecutters' Camp's short production cycle will keep villagers fed at least until Stone Stone nodes run out.
  • Scarlet Orchard does not have any Insects Insects, Mushrooms Mushrooms, or Meat Meat nodes. Should you want to make Jerky Jerky or Skewers Skewers sustainably, you have to resort to using Ranch or delivery lines.

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