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Villagers gathered at the Hearth

Villagers are the inhabitants of Viceroy settlements. The number and species of villagers you are going to have at the start of your settlement are determined by the Caravan you pick on the World Map. Newcomers come to your settlement at regular intervals (every 10 minutes by default). Additional villagers can also be obtained by completing Orders or Glade Events. There are also Cornerstones like Surprise Child that reward villagers every time their conditions are fulfilled.


Main article: Resolve
Harpy Icon showing Resolve change

Each villager has a Resolve stat. Resolve is the main indicator of the villagers’ well-being. Please see Resolve for more information as it is a complication subject.


Each villager is a member of one of 5 species. In any given settlement you are going to have only 3 species, and they are determined when you embark (not when the villager joins your settlement).

Species and their descriptions
Species Description
Humans Humans "An adaptable species, but very susceptible to the rain."
Beavers Beavers "Beavers are hardworking and honest, but also quite demanding."
Lizards Lizards "Lizards are a very resilient and distrustful species."
Harpies Harpies "Harpies are a noble and fragile species, yet with a primal, aggressive side."
Foxes Foxes "Foxes are majestic and mysterious creatures deeply bonded with the forest. "

Resolve stats

Each species has the following stats describing their Resolve:

Base Resolve
The species's Resolve without any positive or negative effects.
How fast the species' Resolve drops. A species with high Resilience loses Resolve about 4 times slower than low Resilience species.
Also called Resolve Threshold, how much Resolve a species needs before they start generating Reputation for their viceroy.
How much their Demand rises after they earn their viceroy a Reputation Point through their own high Resolve.
Hunger Tolerance
The maximum amount of Hunger a villager can withstand before dying.
Break Interval
The minimum amount of time before a villager will take a break at a Hearth.
Species' stats related to Resolve
Species Base Resolve Resilience Demand (Resolve Threshold) Decadence Hunger threshold Break interval
Humans Humans 15 low 30 4 6 2:00
Beavers Beavers 10 low 30 2 6 2:00
Lizards Lizards 5 high 15 7 12 1:40
Harpies Harpies 5 low 15 3 4 1:40
Foxes Foxes 5 low 15 5 3 2:00


Each species has the following two types of specializations:

Proficiency Specialization
Grants most villagers a 10% chance to produce twice the amount of resources when working in that specialization. For Foxes Foxes, their Forest Specialization Forest Proficiency Specialization grants them +5% working speed on Glade Events.
Comfort Specialization
Grants villagers +5 to their individual Resolve when working in that specialization.
Species' specializations
Species Comfort Proficiency
Humans Humans Brewing Specialization Brewing Farming Specialization Farming
Beavers Beavers Engineering Specialization Engineering Woodworking Specialization Woodworking
Lizards Lizards Warmth Specialization Warmth Meat production Specialization Meat production
Harpies Harpies Tailoring Specialization Tailoring Alchemy Specialization Alchemy
Foxes Foxes Rainwater Specialization Rainwater Forest Specialization Forest


Main articles: Housing Need, Complex Food Need, Clothing Need, Services Needs

Each species has the following needs:

Shelter Need
Also called Basic Housing, every villager needs to have a roof of some kind over their head. Every species has a Icon Need Shelter.png Shelter Need. This is omitted from the following table.
Housing Need
Also called Species-specific Housing, their need for the comforts of home unique to their species.
Complex Food Need
Their need for tasty food that isn't raw, but cooked or made up of several ingredients to their liking.
Service Need
Their need for consumption of fine goods related to comforts, relaxation, and self-improvement.
Species' needs
Species Housing Need Complex Food Needs Clothing Needs Services Needs
Humans Humans Icon Need HumanHousing.png Human Housing
Biscuits Biscuits
Pie Pie
Porridge Porridge
Coats Coats
Leisure Leisure
Religion Religion
Beavers Beavers Icon Need beaverHousing.png Beaver Housing
Biscuits Biscuits
Pickled Goods Pickled Goods
Coats Coats
Leisure Leisure
Education Education
Luxury Luxury
Lizards Lizards Icon Need LizardHousing.png Lizard Housing
Jerky Jerky
Pickled Goods Pickled Goods
Pie Pie
Skewers Skewers
Brawling Brawling
Religion Religion
Harpies Harpies Icon Need HarpyHousing.png Harpy Housing
Biscuits Biscuits
Pie Pie
Jerky Jerky
Coats Coats
Education Education
Treatment Treatment
Foxes Foxes Icon Need FoxHousing.png Fox Housing
Pickled Goods Pickled Goods
Porridge Porridge
Skewers Skewers
Brawling Brawling
Luxury Luxury
Treatment Treatment


Villagers can be assigned to Hearths, Camps, Farms, Mines, production buildings, Service buildings, Geyser Pumps, Warehouses, Blight Posts, and Glade Events. Once assigned, villagers will immediately begin performing their work, unless they were on a break or travelling to the nearest Hearth to take a break, in which case they finish their break first before starting with their job. All unassigned villagers count as builders.

When villagers die, an alert appears telling you what job the villager had. You can click on the alert to show their workplace.

Name of Job Building
"Blight fighter" Blight Post
"Craftsman" Makeshift Post
"Druid" Druid's Hut
"Farmer" Farms
"Firekeeper" Hearths
"Gatherer" Gathering Camps
"Hauler" Warehouses
"Scout" Glade Events
"Woodcutter" Woodcutters' Camp
"Miner" Mine
"Worker" Either generically, or the alert may specify "Greenhouse Worker" identifying that the worker was in the Greenhouse.


Main article: Embarking

Caravan menu

The caravan you pick before Embarking, along with the Embarkation points you spend, are going to determine the species and number of your starting villagers, as well as your starting resources. You only have 2 caravans available in the caravan menu when starting out. In order to unlock the third one, you have to acquire Pioneers’ Gate level 5 upgrade.

Only 1 or 2 of the starting species can be known before you start a settlement, never all 3. All 3 species are set in stone upon Embarkation - there is no way to affect what species your settlement is going to have after Embarkation.

Before World Events increase or decrease the number of starting villagers, every caravan has 6-8 villagers and a 50% chance for 2 additional villagers.

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