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The Reputation Bar


In all biomes except the Sealed Forest, a full Reputation Bar is required to secure the settlement and win. The amount of Reputation required to fill up the bar is determined by difficulty: 12 at Settler, 14 at Pioneer-Viceroy, and 18 from Prestige 1 onwards. Viceroys fill up the bar by gaining Reputation points, which rewards them with blueprints (blue marks on the bottom of the Reputation bar). Each Reputation point gained will lower the Queen's Impatience. The amount of Impatience lowered depends on the difficulty of the game.

Gaining Reputation points

Viceroys can gain Reputation points in six different ways, namely by:

Orders are very simple - Viceroys always get 1 Reputation point for completing them. Sending Abandoned Caches back to the Citadel requires Tools Tools, and will grant Viceroys 0.5 - 1 Reputation points depending on the size of the Abandoned Cache. Only certain Glade Events will grant Reputation points, this also depends on the choice you make when completing them, it is most often Loyalty decisions which grant Reputation points.

Reputation per Minute

To gain Reputation points from villagers, Viceroys need to satisfy their Complex Food Needs and Services Need. The more Complex Food Needs and Services Need a Viceroy satisfies, the higher villager Resolve will go, eventually reaching a "Reputation Threshold", indicated by a blue ring around their portraits. Once this threshold is reached, villagers start generating Reputation points. Viceroys should aim to satisfy the needs of species who have the highest population to create more Reputation point generation. To check how much Reputation is generated per minute, hover your cursor over the encircled location.

Difficulty Modifiers influencing Reputation

Prestige Description Modifier Explanation
1 More Reputation required to win. Icon PrestigeMod PrestigiousExpedition.png
Prestigious Expedition
Only the best Viceroys can embark on a Prestigious Expedition. You'll need to earn 4 additional Reputation points to win. Reputation rewards are distributed differently, and Orders are harder.
14 Queen's Impatience reduced less upon gaining Reputation. Icon PrestigeMod HigherExpectations.png
Higher Expectations
The Queen expects a lot from a Viceroy of your rank. Impatience falls by 0.5 points less for every Reputation point you gain.
15 More Resolve needed to gain Reputation. Icon PrestigeMod Malcontents.png
You took a very peculiar group of settlers with you. They seem perpetually dissatisfied. The Resolve threshold at which each species starts producing Reputation increases by 1 more point for every Reputation point they generate.

Forest Mysteries influencing Reputation

Mystery Penalty Activation
P 01.png
No Contact
Gaining Reputation does not lower Impatience. Hostility 2
SpellBookPage09 62.PNG
Aura of Peace
After each storm comes a time of peace and regrowth. Gain 0.5 Reputation points for every Dangerous or Forbidden Glade Event completed during Drizzle Season. Drizzle
TrophyIcons 47 b.PNG
Forgiving Crown
Gain one free Cornerstone reroll for every Reputation point gained during Drizzle Season. Drizzle
SGI 02.jpg
Warm Welcome
Increases Reputation gained from Resolve by 100%. Drizzle

Perks and Cornerstones influencing Reputation

Reputation Perks and Cornerstones
Name Rarity Description Sources Price
Alt Cor Ord Rel Tra
Blight Filter Blight Filter Legendary A crystalline filter designed to mitigate the negative environmental impact of infused rainwater. Blightrot Cysts appear 50% slower when using rain engines, but Reputation from Resolve is generated 90% slower for the next 2 Reputation Points. x Cor x x x 0
Family Gratitude Family Gratitude Legendary Relatives of your villagers send gifts for treating their family members well. Get 40 Waterskins Waterskins for every full Reputation Point obtained through high Resolve. x Cor x x x 0
Long Live the Queen Long Live the Queen Rare Villagers tell stories of the Queen's unparalleled power. Global Resolve grows by 1 for every 3 Reputation Points gained. (the bonus is added retroactively) x x x Rel x 0
Trade Hub Trade Hub Legendary The settlement is known for being a major trade hub in the region. Gain 1 Reputation Point every time you sell goods worth 60 Amber, but fulfilling Orders awards 50% less Reputation. x Cor x x x 0


  • Viceroys will often choose to favor the species with the lowest Reputation Threshold from the start of the game, thus getting an early start in Reputation generation.
  • In mid to late game, Viceroys will often focus on raising the Resolve of the most populous species in their settlement. This is because the more individuals with high Resolve, the faster Reputation point generation is.