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The Marshlands



A harsh and cold land that has been claimed by many different, and extremely resilient species of fungi. The ground here is extremely hard and rocky, making it difficult to farm. This region is most famous for the giant organisms that can be found in its forests.


Gathering Knowledge
The Marshlands are a gatherer's paradise. Gathering speed is increased by 10% for every 2 workers assigned to gathering camps.
Giant Organisms
The Marshlands are home to enormous lifeforms. Giant resource nodes can be found in Forbidden Glades. Each glade will have a different one.


The Marshlands has a small amount of FertileSoil.png Fertile Soil and contains the following Resources:


All trees can be harvested by Woodcutters' Camp Woodcutters' Camps to give Wood Wood. They may also grant additional Resources depending on the biome. These trees have 2 charges each.

Trees Charges Bonus Resources Description
Mushwood Tree.png
Mushwood Trees
2 Mushrooms Mushrooms 15% +
Leather Leather 5%
A giant fungal tree covered in a leathery bark.

Natural Resources

Primary Resources Charges → Resource Deposits Bonus Resources Gathering Building Speed
per Unit
Grain Grain 70 → DebugNode SwampWheatBig icon.png Swamp Wheat Field PlantFiber.png 100% + PlantFiber.png 20% Foragers' Camp Foragers' Camp ★★ 00:17 Farming Specialization Farming

Humans Humans
12 → DebugNode SwampWheatSmall icon.png Swamp Wheat Field PlantFiber.png 20% Small Foragers' Camp Small Foragers' Camp 00:25
Mushrooms Mushrooms 70 → DebugNode MarshlandsMushroomBig icon.png Grasscap Mushrooms Insects.png 40% Herbalists' Camp Herbalists' Camp ★★ 00:17 Alchemy Specialization Alchemy

Harpies Harpies
15 → DebugNode MarshlandsMushroomSmall icon.png Grasscap Mushrooms Insects.png 20% Small Herbalists' Camp Small Herbalists' Camp 00:25
Stone Stone 60 → DebugNode StoneBig icon.png Stone Deposit Roots.png 30% + Insects.png 30% + CopperOre.png 10% Stonecutters' Camp Stonecutters' Camp ★★ 00:05 none
20 → DebugNode StoneSmall icon.png Stone Deposit Roots.png 20% + Insects.png 20%
Meat Meat

Eggs Eggs
70 → DebugNode LeechBroodmotherBig icon.png Leech Broodmother

70 → DebugNode SnakeNestBig icon.png Snake Nest
Leather.png 100% + Leather.png60% + Eggs.png 20%

Leather.png 40% + Meat.png 20%
Trappers' Camp Trappers' Camp ★★ 00:17 Meat production Specialization Meat production

Lizards Lizards
15 → DebugNode LeechBroodmotherSmall icon.png Leech Broodmother

15 → DebugNode SnakeNestSmall icon.png Snake Nest
Leather.png 20%

Leather.png 20%
Small Trappers' Camp Small Trappers' Camp 00:25
Copper Ore Copper Ore

Coal Coal
75 → Copper Vein.png Copper Vein

120 → Coal Vein.png Coal Vein
Clay.png 30%

Stone.png 30%
Mine Mine ★★ 00:40 Engineering Specialization Engineering

Beavers Beavers

Unique Forbidden Glades and Resources

The Marshlands only has 3 Forbidden Glades, each with their own unique Giant Resource. Viceroys need to own Advanced Camp Blueprints to take advantage of these resources.

Giant Node Charges → Resource Bonuse Resources Gathering Building Specialization
DebugNode Marshlands InfiniteGrain icon.png
Ancient Proto Wheat
999 → Grain.png Reeds.png 40% + Herbs.png 40% + Oil.png 30% + Amber.png 5% Foragers' Camp Foragers' Camp ★★ Farming Specialization Farming

Humans Humans
DebugNode Marshlands InfiniteMeat icon.png
Dead Leviathan
999 → Meat.png Leather.png 40% + SeaMarrow.png 30% + Jerkey.png 30% + CrystalizedDew.png 30% Trappers' Camp Trappers' Camp ★★
Meat production Specialization Meat production

Lizards Lizards
DebugNode Marshlands InfiniteMushroom icon.png
Giant Proto Fungus
999 → Mushrooms.png Pigment.png 40% + Waterskins.png 40% + Insects.png 40% + PickledGoods.png 30% Herbalists' Camp Herbalists' Camp ★★ Alchemy Specialization Alchemy

Harpies Harpies


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