Royal Woodlands

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The Royal Woodlands



The Queen's forests were once part of the Smoldering City, but the Blightstorm reclaimed this land. The Royal Woodlands are rich in roots, moss broccoli, mushrooms, and flax, with a decent amount of dewberries and clay. The ground is fertile and soft, which makes it perfect for farming. The Woodlands are probably the first biome a Viceroy will look to when starting their first settlement.


Icon Biome Woodlands01.png
Gift of the Woodlands
The Royal Woodlands are very lush and rich in timber. Trees gives more Wood Wood.


The Royal Woodlands has an average amount of FertileSoil.png Fertile Soil and contains the following Resources:


All trees can be harvested by Woodcutters' Camp Woodcutters' Camps to give Wood Wood. They may also grant additional Resources depending on the biome. These trees have 2 charges each.

Trees Charges Bonus Resources Description
Lush Trees.png
Lush Trees
2 Wood Wood 100% +
Resin Resin 15% +
Plant Fiber Plant Fiber 10% +
Eggs Eggs 5%
A perfect source of Wood Wood.

Natural Resources

Primary Resources Charges → Resource Deposits Bonus Resources Gathering Building Speed
per Unit
Roots Roots

Vegetables Vegetables
70 → DebugNode RootsBig icon.png Roots Node

70 → DebugNode MossBroccoliBig icon.png Moss Broccoli Patch
Herbs.png 30% + Resin.png 30%

Insects.png 40% + Roots.png 20%
Foragers' Camp Foragers' Camp ★★ 00:17 Farming Specialization Farming

Humans Humans
15 → DebugNode RootsSmall icon.png Roots Deposit

15 → DebugNode MossBroccoliSmall icon.png Moss Broccoli Patch
Herbs.png 20%

Insects.png 30%
Small Foragers' Camp Small Foragers' Camp 00:25
Plant Fiber Plant Fiber 60 → DebugNode FlaxBig icon.png Flax Field

20 → DebugNode FlaxSmall icon.png Flax Field
Icon Resource Clay.png 50% + Insects icon.png 30%

Icon Resource Clay.png 30% + Insects icon.png 20%
Harvesters' Camp Harvesters' Camp ★★ 00:05 none
Berries Berries

Mushrooms Mushrooms
70 → DebugNode DewberryBushBig icon.png Dewberry Bush

70 → DebugNode MushroomBig icon.png Bleeding Tooth Mushrooms
Icon Resource Berries.png 80%

Insects.png 40%
Herbalists' Camp Herbalists' Camp ★★ 00:17 Alchemy Specialization Alchemy

Harpies Harpies
15 → DebugNode DewberryBushSmall icon.png Dewberry Bush

15 → DebugNode MushroomSmall icon.png Bleeding Tooth Mushrooms
Icon Resource Berries.png 20%

Insects.png 20%
Small Herbalists' Camp Small Herbalists' Camp 00:25
Clay Clay

Sea Marrow Sea Marrow
60 → DebugNode ClayBig icon.png Clay Deposit

60 → DebugNode SeaMarrowBig icon.png Sea Marrow Deposit
CopperOre.png 75% + Roots.png 30%

SeaMarrow.png 100% + Stone.png 50% + Icon Resource AncientTablet.png 1%
Stonecutters' Camp Stonecutters' Camp ★★ 00:05 none
20 → DebugNode ClaySmall icon.png Clay Deposit

20 → DebugNode SeaMarrowSmall icon.png Sea Marrow Deposit
CopperOre.png 50% + Roots.png 20%

SeaMarrow.png 80% + Stone.png 40%
Meat Meat

Eggs Eggs
70 → DebugNode SnailBroodmotherBig icon.png Slickshell Broodmother

70 → DebugNode DrizzlewingNestBig icon.png Drizzlewing Nest

Meat.png 40%
Trappers' Camp Trappers' Camp ★★ 00:17 Meat production Specialization Meat production

Lizards Lizards
15 → DebugNode SnailBroodmotherSmall icon.png Slickshell Broodmother

15 → DebugNode DrizzlewingNestSmall icon.png Drizzlewing Nest
Leather.png 20%

Meat.png 20%
Small Trappers' Camp Small Trappers' Camp 00:25


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