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The Smoldering City without Upgrades


Smoldering City World Map.png

The Smoldering City is where Viceroys can go to redeem Deeds achievements and to acquire Upgrades. It is also the location of Viceroy's Home, where theys can go to ask for help on certain topics. As a Viceroy becomes more experienced, the SMoldering City will expand and new buildings will be erected.

The Smoldering City is also a faction Viceroys can trade with while establishing a settlement. For more information about this, please see Trading.


Upgrades can be acquired by redeeming Meta rewards (Icon MetaResource FoodStockpiles.png Food Stockpiles, Icon MetaResource Artifact.png Artifacts and Icon MetaResource Machinery.png Machinery) for perks in the perk tree.

Please see Upgrades for more detailed information.


Deeds are rewards for achieving milestones reached while establishing settlements. Deeds can be redeemed for several rewards such as Decorations for your Settlements, Cornerstones, Perks and Experience Points that will allow you to level up.


Home Sweet Home

Every Viceroy needs a place to kick up their heels and take a break from the eldricht horrors of the Forest. Viceroys can now visit their homes to gaze upon their rewards redeemed from Deeds and to learn more about the game and lore.

Game History

Viceroys can track their established settlements here.