Viking Conquest Balance Mod 12.0

Hooded Horse’s designer got his start in game design by creating Viking Conquest Balance Mod. Viking Conquest is a DLC for Mount & Blade: Warband, a hybrid role-playing and strategy game, that exchanges the high medieval setting of the original game for the harsh and gritty world of Dark Ages Britain. VC Balance Mod is currently on version 12.0 and has been translated by fans and hosted on sites in Russian, Spanish, and Polish.

Thanks to an active fan community, VC Balance Mod ranks among the most popular of the 40,000+ mods hosted on ModDB. This banner shows today’s ranking.

VC Balance Mod

Publishing Announcement

Hooded Horse is now also a video game publisher. We raised more investment capital than is needed to produce our own project, and so we made the decision to use our extra funding to provide financial support for other indie video game studios. Our first game as a publisher is an upcoming grand strategy game that has received extensive press coverage, including articles in PC Gamer, Polygon, and Rock Paper Shotgun. We look forward to updating this page soon with more details.