Steam Developer Pages


On Steam, every developer and publisher can create a page for players to follow their account. This has somewhat similar benefits to wishlisting or following a game, but the player will be shown the followed publisher or developer's future games as well. As such, it can be a great tool for studio building long-term. Games associated with that developer or publisher can then be linked to that page, so that players can easily navigate to them. The end result of doing this is what you can find on, say, the Falling Frontier Steam page. Click our Hooded Horse publisher name, you'll [...]

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Publishing Negotiations


Negotiating with PublishersWhen a publisher reaches out, many indie game devs naturally feel excitement. It's a validation of the dedication and passion they've put into their game. They have clearly created something of value, and now a publisher wants in on the action.The problem is, most indie game publishers don't do much for their games, and often demand some rather harsh 'standard' contract terms. There are exceptions--and if I didn't believe in the possibility of good publishers adding value, I wouldn't have founded Hooded Horse--but the best response to getting contacted by a publisher should be a careful and critical examination [...]

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