Our Company

Our purpose is to publish innovative strategy, simulation, and role-playing games with a commitment to post-release expansion and support.

Too often games do one or more of the following:

  1. Stick to an established formula, or fall into the fundamentally uncreative pattern of “Game X, but with Y!”
  2. Announce a series of ambitious features, but then leave many missing or incomplete.
  3. Patch a few bugs after release, then leave the game in a buggy state.

We’re gamers ourselves, and we know how frustrating the above can be. Gamers want titles that explore new ground and live up to the promises made. We provide the marketing expertise and funding development studios need to deliver exactly that kind of game.

Our Commitment to Gamers​

Games will not have rushed schedules or be released before they are ready. Significant bugs will be fixed and promised features will be delivered. If content is added by a paid DLC rather than a free content update, then that DLC will be a significant expansion to the game that delivers the value you expect from your purchase.

Our Commitment to Developers​

Your development will not be rushed, and your game will receive all the time needed to realize its full potential. Contracts will provide you a fair proportion of revenue, and you will receive some proportion of sales right from the beginning, and we do not use the 100% recoup terms common in game publishing. Your game will be heavily marketed to find its full audience, and we never abandon games–if your game is struggling to find its market, that simply means we need to work harder.

Collaboration and Shared Leadership​

A publisher’s purpose is to assist developers. We don’t seek to control developers we work with, instead, we affirmatively guarantee their independence within our contracts, and our working relationship with developers is one of consensus and discussion.

Our Board of Directors

We believe that our corporate board of directors should include representatives of development studios we work with, instead of just shareholders. In this way we hope to have our decision-making represent the views and input of the full range of stakeholders in our company, not just its ownership.

  • Tim Bender, CEO of Hooded Horse, JD Stanford Law School, AM Harvard University, BA University of Texas Austin
  • Aaron Nathan, Partner at Tensegrity Law Group, PhD University of California Berkeley, JD Stanford Law School, BA University of Michigan Ann Arbor
  • Snow Rui, Associate at Baker Botts, JD Yale Law School, MBA Yale School of Management, BA Harvard University
  • Fernando Rizo, CEO of Modern Wolf, BA Columbia University
  • John Lumpkin, CEO of Pavonis Interactive (Terra Invicta), PhD University of Colorado Boulder, BS Texas Christian University
  • Steve Hawkins, CEO of KatHawk Studios (Alliance of the Sacred Suns)
  • Todd D’Arcy, CEO of Stutter Fox Studios (Falling Frontier), BA Queensland University of Technology

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