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Gameplay guides

A general step-b-y-step gameplay guide "How to defeat Alien invasion in ten easy steps" has been written by Reddit user QuestionableCounsel.

Reddit user Pruppelippelupp has analyzed data relating to various country statistics such as unrest, cohesion, science, GDP per capita, etc.

Ship modules

Reddit user CrimsonLionDC has created a spreadsheet which includes all ship components with detailed specifications such as drive efficiency, cooling type and technology prerequisites.

Reddit user Barleyman has updated CrimsonLion's guide to include missile salvo changes in patch 0.3.30 as well as adding details on weapon DPS, firing tempo, projectile weight, particle beam damage drop-off and so on.

Elouda has created a chart of all the engines in game. The X-axis of the chart shows exhaust velocity of the drive. In TI this directly translates to the efficiency or range of the ship. Engines with high EV have more dV all things being equal. Y axis shows the thrust, this is how fast the ship can accelerate. This is especially important in battle, but very low thrust engines take very long time to transit as well. For example, real life ion drive has very high efficiency, meaning it can go far for the same fuel but at the same time the thrust is tiny so accelerating takes days or weeks.

Reddit user Citronsaft has created a guide on how weapons and armour interact including how armour chipping damage works.