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Regions are geographic areas that make up a nation.

The tab also includes information about the Boost and Mission Control resources that are based in each region.

The claims column lists other nations that may annex a territory.

Events, combat, councillor activity location and the presence of launch facilities or other installations all occur in a particular region rather than nationwide.


Regions may have the following characteristics:

  • Capital Region: Missions targeting the nation as a whole or its control points will take place here. Conquering the capital of a nation in wartime will trigger regime change and annexation of any claimed territory by its enemies.
  • Colony Region: Colony regions carry a lesser status within their nation, typically due to past imperial behavior by that nation. They contribute less to the national GDP and cannot support armies. Colonial status is lost if the region becomes an independent nation or joins a nation with a similar GDP. A colony region cannot support any mission control.
  • Core Economic Region: Core economic regions grant a bonus to the Economy policy. A core economic region can support a maximum of 8 mission control.
  • Resource Region: Resource regions grant a bonus to the nation's Economy priority, but also cause greater increases in inequality and environmental damage.
  • Rugged: Rugged regions take twice as long for an army to travel through, and offer significant combat bonuses for defending armies.
  • Ecologically Protected Region: These regions, typically in high latitudes in the northern hemisphrere, will not suffer economic loss due to global envirnmental damage.
  • Ecologically Vulnerable Region: Vulnerable regions suffer twice as much economic harm from global envirnmental damage as normal regions.
  • Alien Activity: Some form of alien activity has been detected in this region.
  • Fallout: This area has been struck by nuclear barrages. Regions damaged in this way suffer a permanent loss in population growth due to radiation and contaminated food and water supply.

Facilities and Alien Assets

Facilities are constructed in a nation's regions following certain priorities and can be attacked via the Sabotage Facilities mission or destroyed by orbital bombardment.

  • Launch Complex produces Boost.
  • Mission Control Facility produces Mision Comtrol.
  • Space Defense Array prevents Strategic Nuclear Barrages from being used in the region and will fire back if the region is being bombarded.

Alien Assets

Alien Assets are constructed by alien councilor missions in a targeted region and can be attacked via the Assault Alien Asset missions or destroyed by orbital bombardment.

  • UFO Landing creates an Invader Army after 30 days.

Alien Life Forms

Alien Life Forms, or Xenoforming as it is sometimes called, is an alien asset created by one of the alien councilors' missions. It has negative effects population growth and grants bonuses to Servant and Alien activities in a nation. It grows through 3 stages at a rate of 0.025%-0.065% each day.

  • If the region has Rugged terrain, it grows 50% slower
  • If the region is above latitude 50, it grows 50% slower
  • If the region has an alien facility, it grows 50% faster
  • Scales with Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (faster above 400 ppm, slower below)
  • Scales with Atmospheric Methane (faster above 1.5 ppm, slower below)
Percentage Effects
Location XenoformingLow.png
Location XenoformingMed.png
  • 0.05% chance to spread to a neighboring region each day if above 50%
Location XenoformingHigh.png
  • 0.1% chance to spread to a neighboring region each day
  • Once it reaches 100% it creates an Alien Megafauna army and reverts to 50%