Console Commands

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The game's console can be enabled by editing the following file in the game's folder with a text editor: TerraInvicta_Data\StreamingAssets\Templates\TIGlobalConfig.json

In the second half there is the following line: "debug_ConsoleActive": false,. Set it to true and save the file. Note that certain game updates might overwrite the file, requiring another edit.

The console can be opened with the ~ key.

List of commands

Commands are not case-sensitive but the parameters are.

Command Effect Parameters Example
help Lists all commands help
absorb The first nation annexes the second nation nation internal name,nation internal name absorb USA,CAN
addscouncilresources Adds all faction resources to the player faction amount addcouncilresources 100
addspaceresources Adds all space resources to the player faction amount addspaceresources 100
addresource Adds a certain resource to a faction resource,amount,faction internal name addresource Money,100,SubmitCouncil
giveresource Adds a certain resource to a faction resource,amount,faction internal name giveresource Money,100,SubmitCouncil
addtrait Adds a trait to the selected councilor trait internal name addtrait ConspiracyTheorist
aerosols Adds excess stratospheric aerosols to Earth amount aerosols 0.1
armygohome Teleports the selected army to its home region armygohome
changeunrest Adds unrest to the selected nation, negative values lower it amount changeunrest 3
completemodule Completes the construction of the selected hab module completemodule
completeobjective Completes the written objective for the player faction objective internal name completeobjective ResearchExotics
completeproject Completes the current council engineering project for a faction faction internal name completeproject EscapeCouncil
damageship Damages one ship in the selected fleet, will not fully destroy ships amount damageship 100
destroymodule Destroys the selected hab module destroymodule
dumpfleetgoal Writes the mission of the selected fleet dumpfleetgoal
givealltechs Completes all global research and gives the faction all council engineering projects
Warning: campaign will require using the completeobjective command to proceed unless already at final objective
faction internal name givealltechs ResistCouncil
giveallcps Gives all unonwned control points in the chosen nation to a faction nation name,faction internal name giveallcps Afghanistan,ResistCouncil
givecp Gives an unonwned control point in the chosen nation to a faction nation name,faction internal name givecp Afghanistan,ResistCouncil
giveorg Gives a faction a certain org faction internal name,org internal name giveorg ResistCouncil,CentralIntelligenceAgency
giveproject Give finished project to council. giveproject dataName, factionName (optional) giveproject Project_CommercialResearch, ResistCouncil
givexp Gives XP to the selected councilor amount givexp 200
killasset Kill the selected army, councilor or fleet killasset
killstate Kills the selected army, councilor, fleet or habitat killstate
modifygdp Adds or removes GDP billions to a certain nation nation name,amount modifygdp Afghanistan,300
nosecrets Reveals all factions' councilors, objectives and council engineering projects nosecrets
nuke Launches a strategic nuclear barrage in the selected nation nuke
peaceout Enda all wars the selected nation is involved in peaceout
propaganda Completes a Public Opinion mission on every nation for a faction faction internal name,strength (optional) propaganda ResistCouncil,10
prospect Prospscts a celestial body celestial body prospect Ganymede
revealsites Prospects all celestial bodies revealsites
revolution Triggers a revolution in the selected nation revolution
regimechange Triggers a regime change for the player faction in the selected nation regimechange
setarmyhealth Changes the selected army's strength, 1 means 100% amount setarmyhealth 0.5
setfation Changes factions, requires a save and reload for full effect and will not work if done during mission assignment phase
Warning: can switch to the alien faction but certain actions will crash the game
faction internal name setfation ResistCouncil
setmiltech Sets the miltech of the selected nation amount setmiltech 4
sight Reveals all current alien phenomena sites sight
spawnlanding Spawns an UFO landing in the selected region spawnlanding
spawnxenofauna Spawns an alien megafauna army in the selected region spawnxenofauna
startcoup Triggers a coup in the selected nation startcoup
triggerevent Triggers an event event internal name triggerevent event_OneHumanity
unify Unifies two nations nation internal name,nation internal name unify USA,CAN
unlockallshipparts Unlocks all human and alien ship components for ship design unlockallshipparts
watchfactions Reveals all factions' objectives and council engineering projects watchfactions
alieninfo Writes all resources and the next purchase of the aliens alieninfo
autopilot Plays game automatically
Warning: requires restarting the game to disable
musicinfo Writes music info musicinfo
setmusicvolume Sets the music volume amount setmusicvolume 2
setmusicintensity Sets the music intensity amount setmusicintensity 2
killship Destroys the selected player ship killship

There are a couple of other console commands but they currently either do not work or crash the game (version 0.3.98):

  • forcemissions
  • detainme

Faction internal names

Factions have the following internal names:

Faction Internal name
Humanity First DestroyCouncil
Project Exodus EscapeCouncil
The Academy CooperateCouncil
The Initiative ExploitCouncil
The Protectorate AppeaseCouncil
The Resistance ResistCouncil
The Servants SubmitCouncil
Aliens AlienCouncil

Nation internal names

A complete list of all faction internal names may be found in \TerraInvicta_Data\StreamingAssets\Localization\en\TINationTemplate.en. You're smart enough to figure the rest out from there. Unifying a non-existant nation with an existing one (ie, typing "unify RUS,EUA" instead of "unify EUA,RUS" when you've already incorporated the eurasian union into the EU) will create a new unified state with no occupied control points. That is, you will lose the nation. Additonally, per the regular union mechanic, any nations with cohesion less than 5 have a chance to split up on unification if they have absorbed any nations outside the primary unifying nation's claims: ie, if you tell the EU to absorb china, and china has absorbed laos, you may lose laos if china has cohesion less than 5. Using the regimechange command after doing this will give command of the nation to a random faction instead of you. (bug?)

Nations have the following internal names:

Nation Internal name
Afghanistan AFG
Algeria DZA
Alpine States ALP
Angola AGO
Argentina ARG
Armenia ARM
Australia AUS
Azerbaijan AZE
Baltic States BAS
Bangladesh BGD
Belarus BLR
Belize BEL
Benelux NET
Bolivia BOL
Botswana BWA
Brazil BRA
Bulgaria BUL
Burkina Faso BKF
Cambodia KHM
Cameroon CMR
Canada CAN
Caribbean States CAB
Central African Republic CAF
Chad TCD
Chile CHL
China CHN
Nation Internal name
Colombia COL
Congo COD
Costa Rica COS
Cuba CUB
Czech Republic CZE
Denmark DEN
Ecuador ECU
Egypt EGY
El Salvador ELS
Eritrea ERI
Ethiopia ETH
Finland FIN
France EUA
Georgia GEO
Germany DEU
Great Lakes States UGA
Greece GRE
Guatemala GTM
Gulf States GUS
Guyana GUY
Himalayan States HYS
Honduras HON
Hungary HUN
Iceland ISL
India IND
Indonesia IDN
Nation Internal name
Iran IRN
Iraq IRQ
Ireland IRL
Israel ISR
Italy ITA
Ivory Coast IVO
Japan JPN
Jordan JOR
Kazakhstan KAZ
Kenya KEN
Kyrgyzstan KGZ
Laos LAO
Libya LBY
Lower Guinea LWG
Madagascar MDG
Malaysia MYS
Mali MLI
Mauritania MRT
Mexico MEX
Middle Guinea MLG
Mongolia MNG
Morocco MAR
Mozambique MOZ
Myanmar MMR
Namibia SWA
New Zealand NZL
Nation Internal name
Nicaragua NIC
Niger NER
Nigeria NGA
North Korea PRK
Northern Balkan States NBK
Norway NOR
Oman OMN
Pacific States PCS
Pakistan PAK
Panama PAN
Paraguay PRY
Peru PER
Philippines PHL
Poland POL
Portugal PRT
Ratnakaran States RTK
Romania ROM
Russia RUS
Saudi Arabia SEN
Senegamnia SEG
Singapore SGP
Slovakia SLO
Somalia SOM
South Africa ZAF
South Korea KOR
South Sudan SSD
Nation Internal name
Southern Balkan States SBK
Spain ESP
Sri Lanka LKA
Sudan SDN
Suriname SUR
Sweden SCA
Syria SYR
Taiwan TWN
Tajikistan TJK
Tanzania TZA
Thailand THA
Tunisia TUN
Turkey TUR
Turkmenistan TKM
Ukraine UKR
United Kingdom GBR
United States of America USA
Upper Guinea UPG
Uruguay URY
Uzbekistan UZB
Venezuela VEN
Vietnam VNM
Yemen YEM
Zambia-Malawi ZMB
Zimbabwe ZWE