Climate Change

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Earth before climate change
Earth with Excess Stratospheric Aerosols
Greenland and the Arctic before melting
Greenland and the Arctic after melting

Climate change represents changes to Earth's temperature and weather patterns. It can be shown in the Intel tab.

Climate change is measured as Global Temperature Anomaly, which starts at +1.3°C. It is caused by Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide above 325.68 ppm, Atmospheric Methane above 1.3 ppm, Atmospheric Nitrous Oxide above 0.29 ppm and Excess Stratospheric Aerosols above 0ppm.

Climate change can be worsened by things such as the Spoils and Economy priorities. It can be improved by using the Welfare priority. Certain regions are affected more or less by climate change. Every use of a Strategic Nuclear Barrage increases Excess Stratospheric Aerosols by 0.00777 ppm.


Climate change lowers annual GDP in every nation. In addition, as long as Global Temperature Anomaly is above or below a certain value it will cause regular negative events.

Event Global Temperature Anomaly Effects
Global Crop Failures -4°C All nations will lose -50% GDP, -6 Cohesion and up to -33% Population.
Arctic Methane Eruption +1.25°C Atmospheric Methane increases by 0.05 ppm. Factions can choose to pay 100 Money and 20 Ops to gain 250 Research.
Environmental Degradation +1.5°C A random nation will lose GDP and gain Inequality and Unrest while the faction controlling it will lose Public Opinion. The Unrest can be canceled and Public Opinion increased by paying Money. The Initiative can instead gain some Money but this will reduce Education by -1 and increase Inequality by 1.
Wet Bulb Disaster +1.5°C A random nation will lose Population. If a faction is controlling it, it can pay 100 Money and 20 Ops to reduce the Population loss and gain Public opinion.

Global Sea Level Anomaly

Global Sea Level Anomaly starts at +24cm. There are 10 glaciers, basins and shelves that may melt if climate change is not stopped, most of them increasing Global Sea Level Anomaly. Once Global Sea Level Anomaly rises above +60cm it will become visible and start causing negative effects.

Event Global Temperature Anomaly Sea Level Rise
Larsen A Ice Shelf Collapses +0.4°C 0cm
Larsen B Ice Shelf Collapses +0.55°C 0cm
Larsen C Ice Shelf Collapses +0.94°C 5cm
Thwaits Ice Shelf Collapses +1.35°C 10cm
Pine Island Glacier Collapses +1.8°C 20cm
Greenland Melt Accelerates +2.2°C 120cm
Totten Ice Shelf Collapses +2.7°C 10cm
Aurora Basin Ice Retreats +3.8°C 20cm
Wilkes Basin Retreats +4.2°C 120cm
Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapsing +4.8°C 50cm