Forest Mysteries

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Forest Mystery Screen


Once a Viceroy starts a settlement, they will be met with a screen similar to the one on the right. This screen lists the Positive and Negative Forest Mysteries they have received in their Settlement, as well as all of the World Map and Prestige modifiers.

Viceroys can hover over the images of the Forest Mysteries to learn more about them.

Types of Forest Mysteries

There are two versions of Forest Mysteries, Positive and Negative.



  • Active during Storm Season
  • 3-5 provided each game, depending on Difficulty
  • Needs a certain Hostility level to be Active.
  • Consists of Simple and Complex Mysteries.
  • Complex Mysteries can be prevented, Simple ones not.

Negative Forest Mysteries

Negative Forest Mysteries Activating

On the left we can see multiple Negative Forest Mysteries activating during the Storm Season. Currently, 3 Forest Mysteries are active (Yellow Box) and 2 are Inactive (Pink box). This is because the Hostility threshold, in this case Hostility level 3, have been reached activating the first 3 Forest Mysteries. The last two Negative Forest Mysteries require Hostility level 4 and 7 to activate.

Simple Negative Forest Mysteries

These Forest Mysteries cannot be prevented, only managed by Lowering Hostility. Below is a list of Simple Negative Forest Mysteries:

Mystery Penalty Active from
Burning Cysts takes 5 seconds longer. 2
Acid Rain.PNG
Acid Rain
Recipes producing Building Materials produce 50% fewer goods. 3
Aura of Fear.PNG
Aura of Fear
All species' Resolve drops 100% faster. 2
Blight from the Sky.png
Blight from the Sky
Every Storm Season, 1 Blightrot Cysts appear in the settlement (multiplied by the number of years that have passed). 4
Blightrot Infection.png
Blightrot Infection
When a villager leaves or dies, 2 Blightrot Cysts will appear in the settlement. 3
B 16.png
Pay 1 Coats Coats x number of villagers, or get -6 Global Resolve for 2 minutes. 4
B 10.png
Corrosive Rainfall
-50% yields to all recipes with Copper Bars Copper Bars or Crystalized Dew Crystalized Dew as product or ingredient. 3
SpellBook01 47.png
Creeping Shadows
Discovering a glade during the storm will decrease Global Resolve by -10 for 3 minutes. 1
Death and Decay.PNG
Death and Decay
Every villager that dies turns into a Blood Flower. 4
Devastating Storms
-20 Global Resolve. 6
Pay 1 Pack of Building Materials Pack of Building Materials x number of years, or 3 buildings in your settlement will become Ruins. 3
Blue 01.png
Faint Flame
Resources you Sacrifice in the Ancient Hearth burn 40% quicker. 2
Flooded Roads.png
Flooded Roads
Trade Routes take +2 Pack of Provisions Pack of Provisions per level. 1
SpellBook01 62.png
Greater Threat
-2 Global Resolve for every Dangerous or Forbidden Glade discovered since the beginning of the settlement. 4
Grim Fate.PNG
Grim Fate
The Forest will claim a villager's life during each storm (multiplied by the number of years that have passed). 7
Horrors from Beneath.png
Horrors from Beneath
Villagers working in Mines get -10 to Resolve during the storm. 1
Humid Climate.PNG
Humid Climate
+20% fuel consumption in Hearths for each Hostility level. 2
Hunger Storm.PNG
Hunger Storm
+1 stack of Hunger applied every time a villager misses a meal. 3
Insatiable Hunger.PNG
Insatiable Hunger
+10% chance per Hostility level for villagers to consume double the amount of food on break. 4
Muddy Ground.jpg
Muddy Ground
-30% villager walking speed off roads. 1
P 01.png
No Contact
Gaining Reputation does not lower Impatience. 2
-300 Hearth Resistance. 2
SpellBookPage09 35.png
Rotten Rain
A Blood Flower will spawn somewhere in the settlement every 90 seconds. 4
Rotten Vapors.png
Rotten Vapors
Pay 5 Drizzle Water Drizzle Water x number of years, or 3 Blightrot Cysts will spawn. 3
Rotting Wood.PNG
Rotting Wood
+50% tree felling speed, but also +100% chance of destroying tree yields. 2
Rot from the Sky.png
Rot from the Sky
-15% food production speed per Hostility level. 3
Sacred Flame Rituals.PNG
Sacred Flame Rituals
Pay 3 Wood Wood per Villager, or 2 villagers will leave. 4
Spreading Contamination.png
Spreading Contamination
+5% faster Queen's Impatience gain for every Blightrot Cyst in your settlement. 4
Unnatural Erosion.PNG
Unnatural Erosion
Pay 5 Oil Oil x number of years, or 2 random Resource nodes are destroyed. 4
Unearthly Element.PNG
Unearthly Element
The maximum number of Sacrifice stacks in the Ancient Hearth is lowered by 1. 1
Unyielding Corruption.PNG
Unyielding Corruption
Favoring unavailable if Hearth is Corrupted. 3
Vanishing Goods.png
Vanishing Goods
+10% chance per Hostility level for villagers to consume twice the amount of goods when using Services. 4
Vanishing Water.png
Vanishing Water
Lose 1 unit of a random type of Rainwater for every 2 units of Rainwater used in Rain Engines. 2
Vassal Tax.png
Vassal Tax
Pay 5 Amber Amber x number of years, or gain 1 Impatience point. 4
Quaking Bog.PNG
Quaking Bog
-50% gathering speed. 2

Complex Negative Forest Mysteries

List of Complex Forest Mysteries (can be prevented):

Mystery Penalty Active from
Alluring Lights.png
Alluring Lights
+5% chance of affected villager dying every 15 seconds. 7 2x Services
Charged Rain.png
Charged Rain
+5% chance of affected villager dying every 15 seconds. 5 1x Complex Food
1x Services
Cold Snap.PNG
Cold Snap
+50% chance of affected villager eating double during break. 3 1x Complex Food
+50% chance of affected villager eating double during break. 5 1x Housing
1x Services
-33% time between breaks for affected villagers. 6 2x Services
SpellBookPage09 84.png
Eerie Song
+5% chance of affected villager dying every 15 seconds. 5 1x Services
B 13.png
-40% movement speed to affected villagers. 1 1x Housing
+5% chance of affected villager dying every 15 seconds. 2 1x Housing
-2 Resolve penalty, stacks every 60 seconds on affected villager. 3 1x Complex Food
1x Housing
Nauseating Spores.png
Nauseating Spores
-33% time between breaks for affected villagers. 4 1x Services
SpellBook01 07.png
Strange Lights
+20% chance of destroying production yield by affected villagers. 4 1x Services
-2 Resolve penalty, stacks every 60 seconds on affected villagers. 2 1x Housing
Blue 17.png
Under an Open Sky
-5 Resolve to affected villagers. 1 1x Housing

Simple Positive Forest Mysteries

Below is a list of Simple Positive Forest Mysteries:

Mystery Description
SpellBookPage09 62.PNG
Aura of Peace
After each storm comes a time of peace and regrowth. Gain 0.5 Reputation points for every Dangerous or Forbidden Glade Event completed during drizzle season.
B 25.png
Berry New Year
+3 to Berries Berries production.
SpellBookPage09 29.png
Bleeding Trees
A red, sticky substance is oozing out from beneath the tree bark. Gain 2 Resin Resin every time woodcutters cut down a tree.
B 03 modified.jpg
Clear Skies
Increases the speed at which Traders arrive by 300%.
Icon Resource Insects.png
Cricket Mating Grounds
The clearings are abuzz with the sound of crickets. Gain 30 Insects Insects for each discovered glade.
SpellBookPage09 106.png
Drizzle Anomaly
The rain seems to fall... slower. Gain 15 Drizzle Water Drizzle Water per minute during the drizzle.
MiningIcons 112 b.PNG
Exposed Resources
The ground is soft, and soaked with the rain's essence. Mines produce 50% more goods during Drizzle Season.
Bag 08 b.PNG
Finders Keepers
After each storm, caravans find countless goods scattered along their routes. Every Trade Route you complete during Drizzle Season will give you 5 random packs of goods.
Essence 02 b.png
Forest Offerings
It seems some inhabitants of the forest are grateful for your efforts. During Drizzle Season, every Dangerous or Forbidden Glade Event you complete will give you 40 random raw food.
TrophyIcons 47 b.PNG
Forgiving Crown
Gain one free Cornerstone reroll for every Reputation point gained during Drizzle Season.
ForestIcons 46 b.jpg
Fruitful Season
The Forest's fruits are so ripe, they almost fall into the basket on their own. Gathering speed is increased by 50%.
SpellBookPage09 14.png
Gentle Dawn
New year, new challenges. Every Small Glade discovered grants 10% planting speed during Drizzle.
Ember b 01.png
Gift from the Woods
These seem to be the ideal conditions in which to create Amber Amber. Gain 5 Amber Amber every drizzle season, plus an additional 5 Amber Amber for each Hostility level reached.
R 33.png
Golden Dust
Some raindrops seem to have a golden hue. Gain Clearance Water Clearance Water for every unit of Drizzle Water Drizzle Water gathered.
Violet 24 modified.png
Heavy Drops
+3 to Drizzle Water Drizzle Water production.
R 12.png
Hot Springs
Rainwater Geysers produce pleasant heat in their vicinity. Geyser Pump Operators get +10 to Resolve.
SGI 127 modified.png
Important Matters
Impatience grows 70% slower during drizzle season. The Queen seems to be preoccupied with more pressing matters.
SGI 95.png
Inspiring View
The astonishingly beautiful view motivates villagers to work. The time interval between breaks is increased by +25%.
SpellBook01 101.jpg
Intensive Mutations
Living organisms in this region are mutated, and much larger than in other places. Doubles the amount of secondary resources gathered from trees.
07 b.png
Lightweight Wood
The evaporating Rainwater has made the Wood Wood a lot lighter in this region. Woodcutters can carry 10 more goods in Drizzle Season.
Spawn b 01.png
Marrow Growth
Small pockets of bone marrow form in the ground and on trees. Gain 5 Sea Marrow Sea Marrow for every 5 Coal Coal produced during Drizzle Season.
HuntingIcons 108 b.png
Mating Season
+3 to Meat Meat production.
M 03.png
Mushrooms After Rain
+3 to Mushrooms Mushrooms production.
Natural Filtration.png
Natural Filtration
Using Rain Engines causes a lot less Blightrot contamination due to the natural filtration processes of the surrounding vegetation. Blightrot Cysts grow 50% slower when using Rain Engines.
Green 25.PNG
Plants seem to grow exceptionally fast after the storm. All buildings using fertile soil produce +50% more goods during Drizzle Season (crops collected during clearance also benefit from this effect).
Royal Funding
The Queen's generosity knows no limits. Gain 2 Amber Amber every time you sell goods worth 10 Amber Amber.
SpellBook01 98.PNG
Salty Breeze
The salty air makes it easier to preserve food. Food production speed is increased by 80% during Drizzle Season.
Addon 33.png
Saturated Air
A pleasant, earthy scent is in the air. Gain +1 Global Resolve for every 30 units of Rainwater used in Rain Engines.
BlueLootBox 32 b.PNG
Scavenging Season
The drizzle in this region is very mild, making it the perfect season for looting. Increases the chance of doubling loot from Glade Events solved during the drizzle by 25%.
SpellBook06 114.png
Soil Reclamation
The soil becomes saturated with the rain's essence during Drizzle Season. Resource nodes depleted during the drizzle spawn fertile soil.
SpellBookPage09 70.png
Untapped Wealth
Gatherers produce twice the amount of bonus Resources when harvesting resource nodes.
SGI 02.jpg
Warm Welcome
Increases Reputation gained from Resolve by 100%.
Green 32.PNG
Wild Growth
Small, energizing drops cause uncontrollable growth in certain species. All Resource nodes discovered during Drizzle Season have more charges: +2 to small deposits, and +10 to large deposits.

Complex Positive Forest Mysteries

Below is a list of Complex Positive Forest Mysteries (need to be activated):

Mystery Effect Description Activation
Addon 10.png
Motivated +1 Resolve every 60 seconds. 1x Services
SpellBookPage09 81 modified.png
Euphoric Vapors
2x Complex Food
Yellow 09.png
Fresh Breeze
Energized +20% villager walking speed. 1x Housing
Blue 06 modified.png
Invigorating Winds
1x Complex Food
Strange Visions.png
Strange Visions
Focused +20% chance of double yields for affected villagers. 1x Housing
Sun Festivities.jpg
Sun Festivities
1x Complex Food

Perks and Cornerstones Affecting Forest Mysteries

1 Perk named 'Airbender'
Name Rarity Description Sources Price
Alt Cor Ord Rel Tra
Airbender Airbender None Storm clouds seem softer. All Negative Forest Mysteries require a higher Hostility level (+1) to activate during the Storm. x x x Rel x 0