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Greetings, Viceroys!

This is our wiki todo list for the official Against the Storm wiki.

Please help us fill out the content our growing community needs by either adding to this todo list or assigning an item to yourself and getting it done. If an item is "too big" to do at once, then please split the item into more manageable items.

Todo List

Add new items to our list by editing this page and using Template:Todo.

Todo item Status Owner
Patch/update history - as an example how well organized patch pages could look like, the Official Terraria Wiki could be used not started (not yet assigned)
Hostility and Forest Mysteries started Alcawen
Go through List_of_Buildings and fill in missing Specializations
can't; the table doesn't work like that. we need the specializations in the original data.
blocked (not yet assigned)
Orders, Timed Orders via CSV not started (not yet assigned)
Do better expand/collapse of long tables than what mw-collapsible does now Nav Boxes not started (not yet assigned)
Write/update the info on, deeds, and rewards (might be two things?)Using CSV generation? not started (not yet assigned)
Write material on Lori and the Home not started (not yet assigned)
Investigate a difficulty selection widget that would scale values (like Amber or construction costs) on each page not started (not yet assigned)
Scrub through icon files, remove old versions, merge duplicates not started (not yet assigned)
Fix strikethrough styling started Aeredor
Update cornerstones and perks to use the CSV data done Aeredor
Write material on rainwater engines and their connections to corruption done Alcawen
Prestige and Difficulty done Alcawen
Reputation done Alcawen
Write/update the info on citadel upgrades done Alcawen
Update Hearth and Warehouse Pages done Alcawen
Write material on seals and the sealed forest biome done Alcawen
Update species, traits, specializations, resting times, and starting bonuses done Alcawen
Update data model done Aeredor
Create the todo list page and link it from main page done Aeredor