Game Development Team

The game designer and president of our indie studio plays with his dog, a huge Great Pyrenees with white fur.

Tim, CEO and Designer

Tim is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Pavonis Interactive Inc., the studio behind Long War 2 and the upcoming game Terra Invicta. Tim previously created Viking Conquest Balance Mod. Before getting involved in game development, Tim worked as a lawyer with Fulbright & Jaworski and a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. Tim speaks English and Chinese, and he holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, a JD from Stanford, and two master’s degrees from Harvard.

Our company's game programmer smiles happily in downtown Toronto, while bracing against the Ontario winter.

Zach, Developer

Zach is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Carleton University. During his program, Zach worked on a variety of student game development projects, including an adaptation of the ancient Egyptian board game Senet, a remake of an early 1990s first-person shooter, an original strategy and role-playing game hybrid, and a custom game engine.

Hooded Horse's game music composer plays with her adorable dog, a white and tan beagle, in a park overlooking a Connecticut forest.

Snow, Composer

Snow began studying music theory and composition at a young age. She enjoys playing both the piano and the guqin, although she composes most of her game music on her Yamaha 88-key synthesizer. Snow has a strong interest in ancient cultures. She worked on a pre-Viking age archeological dig in Denmark, and she is a published poet writing in the Tang dynasty style. Snow speaks English and Chinese, and she holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard and a JD and MBA from Yale.

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